Hosted by UNISA in co-operation with RUBIQ.

Event Overview:
Guideline is proud to announce the RUBIQ ORM Interactive Workshop. The ORM Interactive is a two-day conference where we will discuss leading risk management strategy, risk management processes and best practices, risk management information & technology architecture. Day 1 featuring the Risk Management by Design Workshop led by internationally recognized GRC pundit Michael Rasmussen and Day 2 will feature an interactive roundtable discussion on challenges solutions and best practices facing risk management.
GRC2020's Michael Rasmussen will provide a blueprint for attendees on effective risk management strategies in a dynamic business and risk environment.


Day 1:
11 September 2019
• Risk Management by Design – Michael Rasmussen

Risk Management by Design Workshop Abstract:
As business becomes increasingly complex in a changing business and risk environment – that struggles with
growing regulations, globalization, and distributed operations – organizations need a blueprint for effective, efficient and agile risk management. This requires organizations to design risk management into the organization as an integrated part of strategy and operations supported by an integrated risk information architecture that allows organizations to have a 360° situational awareness of risk in context of business strategy and operations. Attendees will learn risk management strategies and techniques that can be applied to enterprise and operational risk management strategies as well as departmental focused risk initiatives. Learning is done through lectures, collaboration with peers, and workshop tasks.

Attendees will take back to their organization approaches to address:

• Risk Management Strategy. Understand risk in the context of business performance, strategy, objectives as well as its culture and values.
• Risk Management Processes. Flowing from strategy are the risk management processes integrated into the organization and how it operates. Good risk management is done in the rhythm of the business.
• Risk Management Information Architecture. Defining an information architecture that enables risk strategy and processes by providing 360° situational awareness of risk in context of business strategy and operations
• Risk Management Technology Architecture. The necessary technology components needed to bring
together diverse and distributed risk management roles and integrate risk management into the culture and operations of the organization.

• Understand a top-down as well as a bottom-up approach to risk management
Implement risk management in the context of business strategy, process, and operations
• Explore different risk management architecture models and how they apply to your organization
• Discover various risk management techniques and how they apply to your business
• Develop a risk information architecture that aligns with business operations and processes
• Effectively communicate risk across your organizations

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Day 2:
12 September 2019
• Operational Risk Management Roundtable

Operational Risk Management Roundtable Abstract:
A Contemporary view on Operational Risk Management Join in the conversation on operational risk management to hear opinions and views from industry experts

The aim of this event is to engage in discussions regarding issues, concepts, challenges and changes within the operational risk management field. The 2019 discussions will focus on operational risk management-related topics that were identified as being currently in the spotlight.

The objectives of this are to initiate relevant discussions between all role-players involved in operational risk management from a practical perspective in order to:
• Experience: share practical challenges and experiences;
• Network: establish a network of operational risk practitioners, consultants and researchers; and
• Learn: identify potential research topics in operational risk management.


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